Product Availability - 2019 Season

Plants are listed in early spring, availabilities may change during the season. Please contact the nursery if you would like to make sure we have what you are looking for, enquiries are always welcome.  Shrubs & Perennials are presented in 1, 2, and 3 gallon pot sizes, Evergreens in 1-7 gallon pots, Deciduous Shade & Fruit trees in 5-20 gallon pots. Field grown trees are prepared in wire baskets, in sizes 6'-8', 8'-10', and 10'-12'. Hedging is available as field grown bareroot stock, orcontainer grown 1 & 2 gallon pots.

Container Grown Shrubs

Ginnala Maple

Barberry (Concorde, Rose Glow, Ruby Carousel)

American Bittersweet Vine

Dogwood (Ivory Halo, Silver Var., Red Osier,Cardinal, Silver & Gold)

Cotoneaster Horizontalis

Burning Bush

Hydrangea (Annabelle, Pink Diamond, P.G., Quickfire, Tardiva, Unique)

Blizzard Mockorange

Ninebark (Centerglow, Dart's Gold, Dwarf, Diablo, Summerwine)

Potentilla (Abbotswood, Cor. Tri., Gold Drop, Goldfinger, Goldstar, McKay's White, Orange   Whisper, Pink Beauty)

Prunus Cistena (Purple Leaf Sandcherry)

Alpine Currant

French Pussy Willow and Salix Discolor (Hardiest Pussy Willow)

Dwarf Blue Leaf Arctic Willow

Spiraea (Dakota Goldcharm, Bridal Wreath, Flaming Mound, Froebeli, Goldflame, Goldmound, Gumball, Little Princess, Snowmound, Van Houttei)

Lilac (Miss Canada, Miss Kim, Donald Wyman, James MacFarlane, President Grevy, Royalty, Common Purple, Common White, Mystery White)

Weigela (Polka, Red Prince, Rumba, Tango)

Roses (Champlain, Hansa, Martin Frobisher, Ramblin'Red, Roseraie de L'Hay, Teresa Bugnet, Prairie Princess, William Baffin, Hope for Humanity, Henry Kelsey, Cuthbert Grant, John Davis)


Ornamental Grasses (Fescue Beyond Blue, Golden Japanese Forest Grass, Kansas,Karl Forester, Overdam)

Daylily (Catherine Woodbury, Stella D'or, Final Touch, Exotic South Seas)

Hosta (Aureo Marginata, Blue Angel, Fire & Ice, First Frost, Gold Standard, Guacamole, Halycon, Krossa Regal, Minute Man, Regal Splendor, Stained Glass, Vulcan, Wide Brim)

Peony (Duchess de Nemours, Karl Rosenfeld, Kansas, Sarah Bernhardt, South Seas)

Small Fruits

Asparagus (Mary Washington)

Saskatoon (Smoky)

Rhubarb (Chipman's Canada Red)

Raspberry (Souris)

Strawberry (Honeyoye)

Blueberry (Chippewa, Northcountry, Northland)

Honeyberry (Berry Blue, Borealis, Cinderella, Tundra)

Grape (Concorde, Himrod)

Shade Trees

Maple (Red, Royal Red, Silver, Sugar)

Birch (Parkland Pillar)

Amur Cherry (Prunus Maackii)

Oak (Burr, Northern Red)

Willow (Golden Weeping, Prairie Cascade)

Mountain Ash (Cardinal Royal, Skybound, Oakleaf)

Lilac (Ivory Silk)

Linden (American, Greenspire)

Flowering Crab (Dolgo, Indian Magic, Makamik, Rinki, Royal Beauty, Royalty, Rudolph, Sargentii, Snowdrift, Thunderchild)


Weeping Caragana

Hydrangea (P.G., Limelight, Pink Diamond)

Prunus (Purple Leaf Sandcherry, Triloba Multiplex/Flowering Almond)

Lilac (Dwarf Korean)

Fruit Trees

Standard Apple (Ambrosia, Courtland, Empire, Goodland, Gravenstein, Haralred, Haralson, Hazen, Honeycrisp, Maypole, McIntosh, Norkent, Norland, Odyssey, Royal Gala, Sweet Sixteen, Wintercheeks, Wolf River)

Crab Apple (Chestnut)

Plum (Compass Cherry, Sapalta Cherry, Pembina, Pipestone,Toka, Waneta)

Cherry (Evan's Bali, Mesabi)

Pear (Golden Spice, Ure)


Juniper (Andorra Compacta, Andorra Plumosa, Blue Chip, Blue Rug, Broadmore, Calgary Carpet, Hughes, Icee Blue, Prince of Wales, Webberi, Sabina, Sabina Arcadia, Broadmore, Mini Arcade, Pepin Savin, Tam)

Russian Cypress

Fraser Fir

Spruce (Black Hills, White, Colorado Blue, Colorado Green)

Pine (Mugo, Red, White)

Cedar (White, Little Giant Globe)


Cotoneaster (Acutifolia)

Caragana (Arborescens)

Field Grown Trees

Spruce (Norway, White, Colorado Blue, Colorado Green)

Pine (Red)